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Get feedbacks without interferences is a brilliant easy-to-use feedback tool, helping you to improve your platform


Free to use

Collect an unlimited number of feedbacks for free, with screenshots and technical information

Start in a few minutes

You do not need to create an account to use, you will just copy a code snippet generated for you

GDPR compliant forwards your users' feedbacks to your project management tool without retaining any user data

Integrate open-source web-component

Easy to integrate and customize in a few minutes

Built with Stencil.js, this encapsulated HTML tag is to use in web pages and web apps, and will work across modern browsers is base on the bruit-io Web can be used with any javascript framework

Usable with any JavaScript library or HTML5 framework

Based on existing web standards, and tested on the following frameworks: can be used with can be used with can be used with can be used with can be used with can be used with can be used with can be used with can be used with can be used with Aurelia

Community powered

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Understand your users behavior forwards enriched feedbacks to your own project management tool, without retaining any data.

Use your own project management tool will enrich, prettify and forward your users' feedbacks to it.
Connect to Gitlab
Connect to Trello
Connect to Basecamp 2
Basecamp 2
Connect to Github
JiraComing soon
Connect to Asana
AsanaComing soon
BitbucketComing soon
Connect to Salesforce
SalesforceComing soon
Pivotal TrackerComing soon
Connect to Redmine
RedmineComing soon
zapierComing soon does no data retention AT ALL

Add bruit to your project

Follow our get started and get an out-of-the box feedback button
Link your feedbacks to your tool

Select your project management tool and connect to it.

Customize what your users see
customize your feedback form

Customize the questions to ask to your users.

bruit can also silently catch exceptions in your app.

Copy and paste the generated code
add in your app takes a few blocks of code

Follow our tutorial to add in your app.

We are bruit 🌳

Moventes is a French company specialised in modern and well-know technologies (Angular, NestJS, NoSQL). Our passion is to face technical challenges, working hard to build awesome web & mobile platforms for our customers, always focused on their end-users.


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